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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Animation Feature. 1938. 20 Original pencil sketches of the characters for the animation, including one for color models with annotations and instructions. A lovingly and meticulously compiled scrapbook presumed to have been owned by Walt Disney Studios inker Ingeborg Willy, containing 20 original animation drawings featuring Snow White, the Dwarfs, and several woodland creatures. 18 of the drawings are graphite and colored pencil on paper, the remaining two are ink on celluloid. Sizes vary, most are clipped. This archive also features a treasure-trove of ephemera relating to the production, release, and reception of the 1937 film. Additional items in this lot include silver gelatin photographs of Marge Champion (née Belcher), a program and two used tickets dated December 24, 1937 for the film's premiere run at The Carthay Circle Theater, one frame of Moviola film, two Multiplane camera exposure sheets for unidentified projects, numerous contemporary reviews and articles about the film from various periodicals, photographs of Disney employs at work and at play, company Christmas cards, an invitation to "Walt's Field Day 1938," an issue of the studio-circulated Bulletin and sheet music for "Heigh-Ho."The most astonishing and revealing item in this lot is a single page of Director's notes titled 'Special Notes to EFX' thought to be in Walt Disney's hand.

Sachgebiete: Ephemera, Film, Kinderbücher, Märchen/Sagen, Zeichnungen

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