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Hieronymus Schurpff - Consiliorum sev responsorvm ivris. / Aulus Gellius - Noctes Atticae, Seu Vigiliae Atticae (BOUND WITH:) Henrici Stephani / Henri Estienne - Noctes Aliquot Parisinae.

Two 16th-century fine, complementary, richly blindtooled bindings. Interesting examples for the history of bookbinding. Both blindtooled pgskin bindings with the same blindstamped supra libro : a portrait of Duke Christoph von Württemberg. On the front cover his portrait, surrounded by the text : Christoff Hertz zu Wirtenberg seins alt LIIII von Gottes Gnaden. On the back cover his coat-of-arms, surrounded by the text : Verbum Domini Manet in Aeternum das Wort Gottes Bl. Ewi. These supra libros on both covers surrounded by identical blindtooled decorations ; the supra libro within a rectangle filled with gothic decorative elements. That rectangle surrounded by 2 consecutive frames. The first one filled with flower elements, with intussuscepted 16 portrait medallions of Erasmus, Melanchton, Jan Hus and Luther; each of them 4 times present. The outer frame filled with mainly floral elements. Front and back cover of the smaller binding on Gellius with the same supra libro and the surrounding rectangle with gothic elements, but, due to lack of space, with only one small frame without decorative elements. Christoph von Württemberg (1515 - 1568) wasuling Duke of Württember between 1550 and 1568. He had a difficult youth becaus of the war between his father and the Swabian League. He spent some time at the court of Charles V and between 1534 and 1542 at the French court. At the end of the 1530s he converted to Protestantism. When he came to power in 1550, he re-organized the entire administration of the church and state, favouring Protestantism, by a number of "Ordnungen". He also reformed and supported the educational system. The theologians from Württemberg had a great influence on the protestant churches of other German states. Somewhat less favourable to his memory was the great amount of money he spent on restructuring in Renaissance-style of a great number of castles and the many splendid celebrations. On Christoph see ADB IV, 243-250.

Sachgebiete: Alte Drucke 16. Jahrhundert , Einbände

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